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Yahoo Hosting Doesn’t Allow Anyone to Upload or Create .htaccess Files

I just found out that Yahoo doesn’t allow anyone to upload or create .htaccess files. That’s why WordPress was having trouble creating an .htaccess file. I found out more information about it on Yahoo’s help pages. So it looks like your options are to stick with the default permalink structure, or to find a different… Read More

My WordPress Site Directs to a 404 Page

If you are trying to view your WordPress page, and are directed to a 404 page, below is one possible solution. Head over to your Dashboard, and under Settings => Permalinks, check to see if your .htaccess is writable. Below is a typical screen shot when the file is not writable. WordPress uses your .htaccess… Read More

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

Copy and paste the code below into your .htaccess file. Please make sure you download the latest htaccess file from your server so you do not accidentally erase any important code. How to View and Edit Your .httaccess File .httaccess is a hidden file, and can be placed in any folder. For the use case… Read More