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Can We Make the Header Transparent and Add a Full-Window Image That Will Show through the Header and Fill the Window Edge-to-Edge?

Making the Header Transparent You currently can’t control the opacity of your color through the theme options panel. But you can always set the opacity of a color through your custom CSS box. Setting the Header to Span From Edge to Edge You can set the max width to be a very large number. This… Read More

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If We Want to Add Parallax Scrolling, Will That Be an Issue?

I have not yet built a parallax scrolling site. But if I were to start, I would develop the fasted using WordPress Canvas as my starting point. I have kept the code and file structure simple and easy to understand. You should be able to easily add the necessary javascript files to enable parallax scrolling.… Read More

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Where are the Breadcrumbs in my WooCommerce Shopping Page?

By design, and popular vote, I disabled the WooCommerce breadcrumbs. I figured if people really wanted breadcrumbs, they would have a better experience using breadcrumbs enabled by the Yoast SEO plugin. Below is a screenshot on how to enable it. Please leave your thoughts and comments below and whether or not you want the default… Read More

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How to Set Your Color As Transparent in Theme Options

Being able to set a background color as transparent is very important from a design perspective. So I made sure to give you that ability through WordPress’ new color picker. And it’s really easy. Simply leave your color value blank. When WordPress Canvas saves and compiles your CSS again, any blank color value will be… Read More