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I spent years developing custom WordPress themes for clients. And on several instances I would deliver to my clients a pre-made WordPress theme. While these themes were absolute great and user friendly, my clients always needed very unique customization. And that’s where WordPress Canvas comes in.

Designer Control

WordPress Canvas was designed specifically for the person who needs unique customization control. The code is as simple as can be, very well organized, and as light as possible. This makes it a lot easier to go through files and make the changes you need. With our custom CSS editor you can easily define your own styles and save it to the database. WIth our LESS CSS editor, you can define your styles using LESS CSS variables, and preserve a consistent design even when your users change a color or font in their theme options panel.

Use any Google Font and Upload any Custom Font

Embedding fonts can be laborious task. WordPress Canvas makes the process so much easier! And you can do it all from your dashboard. This is probably my favorite part about this theme. You can upload your custom font, select that font in your theme options panel. And if you are looking to do some cusom design, then your font can be easily applied in your LESS CSS file by using that font option variable.

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